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Our Mission

At Tobermory Primary Place, our mission consists of providing a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe. We strive to provide a home like atmosphere where children and families can build a sense of comfort and belonging. 

Our educators understand the importance of open communication with families, and use this connection to create the foundation in which children gain a strong sense of well-being and are able to flourish. 

Educators plan and create rich learning environments based on the children in their care. Each child is unique in their own development and learning style. As children develop and reach milestones, educators continuously set up welcoming, engaging opportunities that spark a child's natural curiosity and the desire to explore through play. 

Our educators use reflection to further children's learning by setting up the environment to include current interests, ask open ended questions and provide tools that scaffold on emerging skills. 

If you would like to know more about TPP or become involved, please feel free to contact

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